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Look after your woollens!

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As our followers will know by now, Allta is all about providing a touch of affordable luxury to the tall woman's wardrobe. That means we use premium natural fibres that look and feel good to wear, and just as importantly, stand the test of time.

Our popular Moreton blazer is made from 100% Shetland wool. To ensure it gives you years of stylish service it needs to be treated with respect.


Keep your woollens looking pristine

We’ve put together our top tips below…

Here, we've put together our top tips and advice on how to care for your wool jacket. From rescuing your blazer from an overstuffed suitcase, to keeping pesky wool pests at bay, we've got it covered. And we’re offering you the chance to win some essential oil-packed anti-moth sachets to protect all your finest woollens below :

  • Wool will crease when folded or packed for transit (we're quite sure you won't want to be parted from your blazer; not even on the shortest weekend break), but most creases will disappear on wearing. Persistent creases can be removed by hanging up your jacket in a bathroom full of steam for approximately 10-15 minutes. Make sure windows are closed, then run the hot tap or shower until the bathroom is fully steamed up. You can also achieve the same result with a steam iron. Place the jacket on an ironing board and holding a steaming iron two inches away from the creased fabric, give the iron a blast of steam and watch those creases miraculously disappear. DO NOT iron the jacket.

  • We recommend you get your wool blazer dry cleaned once or twice a year to give it an overall refresh but any spillages, especially those that can stain such as coffee and red wine, should be tackled immediately. Dab the stain with a clean dry cloth before it has a chance to penetrate the wool fibres. Do not rub as you will matt or felt the fibres, and avoid using a tissue, or paper towels which easily shred when wet leaving a residual lint. One of wools unsung attributes it its ability to repel moisture so immediate action can save some heartache.

  • Once soaked, wool can hold a considerable amount of water. The smell of lingering damp on a wool coat is instantly recognisable and most definitely undesirable. So, should you get caught in a heavy shower, it's important that you give your jacket time to properly dry out. Hang up in a well ventilated, warm room until it is fully dry. Your jacket will thank you for it.

  • Mud splashes (heaven forbid) should be left to dry and then once dry, brushed off with a good quality clothes brush. Any attempt to remove the mud while wet will only amplify the problem.

  • We quite understand that you may want to store your blazer for the short period we often refer to as 'summer' when the sun may or may not shine, yet nevertheless, the temperature rises. So, a blazer sabbatical is accepted. Do note though: wool likes to breathe so avoid storing in plastic bags which can encourage mould. Washable cotton clothes bags are a great option.

  • Last but not least, beware the munching moth! The bane of wool lovers worldwide, we wouldn't wonder. And the blighters are on the rise in Britain, according to new research by pest control company, Rentokil, with a 110% increase in clothes moth callouts from April to May last year and a 60% rise from May 2014 to May 2018. It's actually the larvae of the eggs laid by the female moth that cause all the damage. Those larvae actually prefer unwashed clothes as any grime means more nutrients for them to feed on. So be sure to only store laundered garments. Moths love warm, dark environments where they won't be disturbed! That's one big incentive to regularly clear out your wardrobe and drawers and give them a good clean (and possibly a declutter while you are at it). Empty all storage spaces and vacuum thoroughly. Then wash down with warm, soapy water. Certain essential oils repel moths; cedar wood, vetiver, long lasting lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary are popular and can be used individually or in a mix. These natural deterrents are available in a number of variations.


Total Wardrobe Care

These moth repellent sachets are packed with essential oils which makes them beautifully fragrant as well as perfect for keeping moths at bay.

To help keep the dreaded moth at bay we are offering you the chance to win some anti-moth hanging sachets for your wardrobe. These sachets, by Total Wardrobe Care, are made from an all-natural recipe of anti-moth essential oils, and not only smell beautifully fragrant but, according to the Total Wardrobe Care website, are proven to be effective at deterring moths. To be in with a chance of winning and keeping the munching beasties at bay, just go to the competition entry page on our website and tell us where you think our Allta jackets are all made.

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Style trends for 2019

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Well here we are already at the end of January 2019 and looking ahead now to spring trends to refresh our wardrobes for the warmer weather ahead.

According to the fashion editors at the glossy magazines, who all follow the annual Fashion Weeks like hawks, we’re all set to be seeing – if not actually wearing – one or more of the following trends this spring & summer:  overisized hats, sensible shorts, fancy flats, fringing and neon brights. Puffed sleeves and shoulders are here to stay and as for details, look out for plenty of sequins, pleats, ruched dresses, bows, feathers and ruffles.

Some of the styles we’ll be seeing in 2019 - from l to r - bows at Valentino, puffed sleeves at Rodarte and utility wear at Fendi

Some of the styles we’ll be seeing in 2019 - from l to r - bows at Valentino, puffed sleeves at Rodarte and utility wear at Fendi

In terms of overall looks, tie-dye is a strong trend on this season’s catwalks, featured in collections from Dior, Prada and Stella McCartney. The functionality of the utility look, which includes boiler suits, combat pants and overalls, makes it a regular fashion favourite and it’s on the runway again this year in collections by Fendi, Dries Van Noten, Isabel Marant, Balmain, Givenchy and Hermès. 

Tie-dye has been all over the catwalks this season - l to r - including at Stella McCartney, Prabal Gurung and R13

Tie-dye has been all over the catwalks this season - l to r - including at Stella McCartney, Prabal Gurung and R13

Tuxedos are also perennial favourites as chic alternatives to evening dresses and some elegant creations have been gracing the shows of Celine, Giambattista Valli and Givenchy.  

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019 is ‘Living Coral’, aka PANTONE 16-1546, described as ‘an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge’.


Despite looking too pink for some tastes, coral is actually a very versatile colour. If clashing is your thing then team it with fuschia pink or purple. But the colour itself is subtle enough to wear head to toe, mixing pastels with stronger tones. Or it makes a stunning accent with a handbag, scarf or even lip colour.

Whether you favour bold colour blocking or head-to-toe tonal dressing, there is a look out there to suit everyone for the spring. Often, the more pressing question for us tall ladies is: how do I find (insert garment here) to fit my height/proportions/leg length?!

Well, fear not. We have teamed up with styling expert, Johanna Bolhoven, from Rag Trade Productions to bring you an essential list of tall styling tips. Johanna gives her views on what high street shapes and lengths can be adapted for the taller frame. Download her style tips here and if you have any of your own to add, drop us a line on

So, now we know what’s coming, it’s time to get out there on the high street and put Johanna’s tips into practice to see if we can find it to fit! Happy shopping!